Adult web hosting is the hosting of any website which deals with goods and services accessible to the adults only such as tobacco, gambling, alcohol or pornography.

How is adult web hosting different from regular web hosting?

Adult web hosting is different from your regular web hosting. Adult website’s contents needs more security and higher bandwidth. It’s contents mainly includes high- quality images and streaming videos. So for adult web hosting you need plans which fulfills all the requirements such as powerful servers to provide lighting- fast speeds. It will make the website load quickly and smoothly.

Features of a good adult web host:

Before choosing an adult web host you should keep in mind the facts such as the maximum allowed bandwidth, the server space, the average uptime etc. Some of the key points you need to take into consideration are:

  • Complete privacy: You should get assurance of full data privacy. Nobody get access to your private contents on the server and none of your information are shared with anyone.
  • No limit on traffic: The plan should not come with any specified traffic limits. Since you might not be aware of the number of people interested in your content you need a plan with unlimited traffic.
  • Full customer support: The web host should be available 24*7 to solve your problems. Whenever you need an extra hand, it should be there for you.
  • Maximum uptime guarantee: You should be assured that the website will work all the time throughout an year otherwise it might result in huge losses.

Types of adult web hosting:

The various types of adult web hosting are:

  • Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting means that your host server hosts other websites too. If you have a limited bandwidth requirement with a limited server space you can opt for this option.
  • Dedicated web hosting: You get a dedicated server who hosts just your website. If your website gets heavy traffic and you need lots of bandwidth you should certainly opt this option. If your e- commerce website is such that the visitor needs to pay a certain fees for downloading images or contents then you need a dedicated server.
  • Co- located adult web hosting: When you select co- located web hosting your hardware is connected to the internet which provides you a secure environment. You just need to provide the web host company with the actual server, maintenance and software. This type of adult web hosting gives you more control and power over your hardware which protects you from vandalism, theft, hacking etc.

Things you need to know before choosing an adult web host:

  • Space requirements: Adult websites needs lots of server space as you will be keeping high resolution images and movies. Choose a web host which provides much more space than your requirements as you never know when you might run out of space.
  • Legal matters: Not all web hosting companies are willing to host adult contents. So before you book the server space and upload your content you should make sure that he knows that you are hosting an adult website on his server.
  • Hidden Cost: Hidden costs can be detrimental to your budget. Before choosing any adult web host keep a detailed knowledge of all the costs involved.
  • Parallel server: You never know when your server may collapse so make sure that the chosen host runs a few parallel servers which can take the place of the damaged one.
  • Administration tools: Web hosting companies provides many extra tools without taking any extra charge like control panel, shopping cart, e- mail management, CGI scripts, file management etc. Make sure you know about all the available tools before hosting your adult website.
  • Technical assistance: Having a website and quality content would not be enough to host an adult website. Before selecting any adult web host be sure that you know it’s technical support standards. In case you have any problem your host company should address it as promptly as possible.

Adult web hosting is a sensitive topic and before you go into it you should have a clear understanding of it’s whereabouts. Take notice of all the necessities of a good host otherwise what you get is a lot of displeased customers.