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Money Back Guarantee

Our cancellation policy is very simple - if you cancel your VPS account we will provide you with a refund for the remainder of the term.
** Except for abuse clients

CentOS with Root Access

You'll have full root access giving you total control of your server. Install anything you like, you're in the drivers seat.

Privacy safe!

We keep your data safe from intruders, hackers, attackers. Our servers are optimized for the best possible security. Moreover, we do not even store any of your credit card or ID details. .

Free Migration Service

We'll handle the migration from your current provider. We'll move your entire website on to your VPS seamlessly.

Security Suite

Each VPS comes with CSF and LFD firewalls, brute-force detection, mod_security and a real-time virus scanner.

24/7 In-House Support

Our in-house support team is ready to help you every step of the way. You can reach us by phone, live chat or through a support ticket.

Latest Hardware

We use the latest Intel servers with RAID-10 technology giving you full redundancy and peace of mind.

Reboot/Restart Access

You control your server with the ability to restart and reboot your server at any time.

Premium Bandwidth

Your VPS will be connected to the Internet at 1Gb/sec on one of our 3 premium Multi-Gigabit network backbones.

Offshore VPS Hosting- Freedom To Express Virtually

What can you host with us?

Our offshore hosting solutions are meant:.

1) For those who wish to host their data outside of their own country;

2) For those who want their data safe from intruders, hackers, attackers;

3) For those who want to express themselves through freedom of speech;

This doesn’t mean that you can engage in illegal activities, which we strictly forbid. This includes, but is not limited to, spam, phishing, and fraud.

We will immediately close your account and blacklist all your label..

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