Offshore hosting servers are the ones that are located outside the country of residence of the website owners. And this is done basically to avoid any issues pertaining to licensing, legality or government enforcements. Technically, anytime a website is hosted on foreign servers you are basically engaging in nothing but offshore hosting. However, hosting offshore is a deliberate act by a website owner in order to achieve a specific goal, mostly to maintain privacy, have data security, and freedom of publishing anything. Site owners mostly pursue offshore hosting mostly because they seek freedom from government intervention.

Offshore web hosting are widely in practice and commonly used by online casinos and illegal gambling sites, poker websites, FOREX investment, crypto currency business, grow shops, pharmacy and contrabands, adult content business, pirated software and music download sites, offshore payment gateways, transaction of jewelleries, telephony app etc. There are also certain businesses that by nature are considered illegal and the owners of the offshore hosting will either evade taxes or will refuse to collaborate with the authorities if any judicial dispute arises. The illegal online dealing drugs, weapons, child pornography, copyright infringement etc are by default hosted offshore.

Merits of Offshore Hosting
Hosting a business website offshore is a big decision and hence it has to be advantageous to the site owners and be of less risk. Following are the merits of hosting your site offshore.
● Guarantee of full anonymity. Data confidentiality is maintained.
● Global exposure as it functions all over the world and hence possibility of faster growth
● Free from local cyber law complexities
● Affordable prices with great customer servicing
● Data back-up and migration is easier and hassle free
● Free from taxes as most of it is based out of Eastern Europe, Russia, and China

2021’s Top Offshore Hosting Service Provider

Now let’s have a look at some of the top offshore hosting service providers that’s up in the list for the year 2021.

  • Layerservers
    This offshore hosting provider operates with an aim to protect privacy of their client as a fundamental human right. Established in 2008, they have been offering high quality, secure offshore web hosting solutions to their global customers. They are experienced anonymous hosting providers with multiple offshore locations, owns many dedicated servers, anti DDOS Attack network, IP addresses, and in-house expert technical support working round the clock to assist clients to get rid of any technical glitches. One great thing with this web hosting firm is that they are not into any contractual system and provides full rights to its customer to cancel the server without any contract.