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New to domains?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. It is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet.

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More Information

Domain names serve as more easily memorable names for Internet resources such as computers, networks, and services. A domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource. Individual Internet host computers use domain names as host identifiers, or host names.

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joomla hosting

DNS Management

With our solid and dependable advanced DNS administration, changing records for your domain is easy!

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Powerful Control Panel

Our online control panel provides for hassle-free management of your domain name and domain services

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Site statistics

Web site traffic is essential to an online business, therefore we include free site statistics. If someone accesses your domain, our system will log it and you will be able to see every visit in your statistics page.

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Registrar Lock

Prevent changes to your domain owner/administrator information, unauthorized transfers or nameserver changes.

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Renewal notice

We will notify you to renew your domain so you won't lose it. A 30 days/20 days/10 days and 1 day notification will be sent to you!

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Active Firewall

Firewall controls exactly what traffic is allowed in and out of our servers and can protect your site from malicious attacks
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New domain extensions

We provide new TLDs as .academy, .camera, .cab, .store, and many other

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TLDs Updates

All new TLDs are available on our website

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Best Price

We offer the best prices in the industry!

cheap joomla hosting

Whois Privacy

  •    Whois Privacy for only $4/month
  •    Protect Your Identity

Domain transfer, no hassle

  •    Transfer Your Domain in minutes
  •    Advanced support from our crew
  •    No downtime for your website

Looking for more options?

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  • Support Fleet

    lunarvps rapid response support fleet provides you 24/7/365 industry leading technical support with an average 15 minute response time.

  • Avg. 15 Min Response Times

    Our NO excuse 15 Minute Response time guarentee provides our valued clients access to our Support Fleet team 24/7/365 providing the most efficient responses in the hosting industry.

  • Fast Deployment

    Looking for quick delivery of your new hosting account? LunarVPS offers 45 minute deployment on all VPS servers!

  • High Performance Hardware RAID 10

    All VPS services come standard with a RAID 10 configured hard drive array to allow for maximum performance, reliability and uptime.

  • Choice of many Operating Systems

    LunarVPS offers many customized templates to allow you to achieve success faster then traditional hosting providers. Select from a wide variety of peconfigured Control Panels and enhanced Operating System images.

  • Easily Scalable

    Scale your resources on the fly with lunarvps immediately scalable cloud environment. With just one click add additional CPU, Memory and Hard Drive space to your Cloud container.

  • Console Access

    Standard with every VPS LunarVPS provides a console interface for you to be able to resolve any unexpected software issues or unexpected system lockouts.

  • 99.98% Uptime SLA

    LunarVPS offers an industry leading SLA which provides customers 99.98% uninterrupted power and network access. Should LunarVPS fail to meet this standard you will be credited for the given outage period.